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WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems today, due to its ease of maintenance, potential for security, and customizability. Although it was originally used primarily for blogs, it has proven to be a capable platform for all manner of websites, and is widely used for all manner of websites nowadays. For people wanting to build a new website, WordPress is the best choice available today.

Even though WordPress is easy to use, though, producing an excellent website still takes no small amount of expertise. Here at Custom WordPress Website, we specialize in producing beautiful, easy to use websites, built from the ground up with SEO in mind, which excel at serving the various needs of our clients. With a Custom WordPress Website, you can rest assured that your site will be the very best.

You’re here because you’re looking to build a new website; don’t hesitate, start today to get your new first-rate site going as soon as possible.

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  • $500
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  • $4000
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  • Beautiful Designs

    Our design team have extensive experience making an incredible variety of unique, functional designs. No matter what you're looking for, we can provide a memorable design which you'll enjoy looking at.

  • Feature-Rich Functionality

    When it comes to features, the possibilities are practically endless. Every site has different needs, but there's no need to fret. Our web design experts have the knowledge needed to implement everything from address books to video plugins. We'll make these features the centerpiece of your design.

  • SEO Readiness

    Search Engine Optimization is essential to the success of your site. Our team of SEO experts will make sure every element of your site's design is optimized to perform as well in search engine rankings as possible.

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Client Testimonials

Amazing Investment!

" After working with Custom WordPress Website to build my latest site, I can't believe all the things I tolerated from my old designer! These guys are the best: the best designs, the best feature integration, the best code, and the best support. Anyone looking for a web designer should absolutely contact Custom WordPress Website! "

Skylar P., blogger

Great Results!

" As the head of the marketing department, I was getting a lot of flak for the lack of business our website was bringing. The new website you built has increased our sales, and the average time a visitor stays on our site has skyrocketed! "

Nick D., Manager of Marketing and Sales

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